RS3 (8V) Sportback

  • 1435*950
  • 1435*950
  • 1435*950
  • 1435*950

year2015 - Present


Exhaust System

Extremely loud and comfortably quiet become one with iPE

Minimum weight and maximum sound are the name of the game. Our titanium exhaust system consists of our trademark Valvetronic muffler with tips. We use the original actuators to control the valves. 
The exhaust valves make it possible to improve both torque and horsepower, while the muffler internals were designed to specifically attack power gains and create our trademark F1 sound.  iPE is famous for performance and F1 sound at its finest. The new exhaust for Audi RS3 8V sportsback opens up entirely new worlds. Any passionate driver who looks for that extra-kick should consider refining his car with an exhaust of the new products of iPE.

+7.16 kW (+9.6 hp)5900 Rpm+27.8 Nm2800 Rpm
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