• What is the warranty info of iPE exhaust

    iPE Exhaust® guarantees its exhausts for a total period of 1 year from the date of purchase (i.e. the invoice date), as long as your iPE Exhaust was purchased directly via iPE exhaust or one of its authorized re-sellers. All electronic components carry a 1-year warranty. Product warranties are non-transferable. The warranty is limited to the exchange or repair of the defective part, and not the entire exhaust, unless needed. 

    Warning:  If the distributor or dealers sold iPE to another country which is not authorized their region  -  iPE won't stand any responsibility for your warranty. It means the end user won't have any warranty on purchasing iPE products. 

    Warning: For the Catipipe with 200 cell -  iPE offer 1 year warranty. 

                     For the Catbypass pipe (Catless) - iPE won't stand responsible for the potential “check engine light on” warning signals. 

                     For the tailtips - We highly recommend that the the users DO NOT wash them with strong acid and strong base organic solvent.


    Supplementary explanation https://lihi1.com/zg1CH

  • About GPF / OPF

    When installing the iPE cat pipe set, which is developed for use on closed tracks only, remapping the ECU is mandatory in order to prevent potential “check engine light” warning signals. Meanwhile, we don’t hold any responsibility for potential “check engine light on” (CEL) warning signals on vehicles with GPF/OPF.

    If your vehicle model is not available yet, please contact us directly for more information about the expected lead time.

  • What is a valvetronic muffler?

    All iPE exhaust systems come with a Valvetronic muffler*. A Valvetronic muffler (or valve-controlled muffler) includes exhaust valves which can influence the stream/flow of the exhaust gases. The exhaust valves can be controlled manually as well as automatically. The inner structure of the muffler (also called back-box or silencer) are individually designed with the emphasis on upgrading performance and sound, in terms of torque and horsepower as well as sound volume and sound character.

    *Note: Exceptions are our Lamborghini LP640/ LP670 exhaust systems with Valvetronic cats, our McLaren 650S exhaust without Valvetronic, and our Maserati Gran Turismo exhaust which only comes with an iPE Cat-Pipe.

  • What are the advantages of iPE’s valvetronic exhaust systems?

    iPE’s Valvetronic exhaust systems essentially upgrade two aspects: performance and sound.

    Performance: When the valves are closed, torque can be increased enormously at the lower rpm range. When the valves are open, dramatic horsepower gains can be reached at the higher rpm range.

    Sound: With closed valves, the exhaust sound is sporty but comfortably quiet. All vibrating, drone resonance (annoying frequencies inside the car at certain rpm) are cancelled out, so that the driver and passengers can experience a comfort and relaxed ride. With open valves, the exhaust sound becomes as sporty and breathtaking as it gets. The trademark sound of iPE can now be enjoyed without limitations.

  • How to control the exhaust valves?

    You have two options for your vehicle :

    1. Remote control module and a remote control :

    It can be controlled in 3 modes. The modes, open and close, are manually controllable by the remote control. The auto mode opens and closes the valves automatically by the tps sensor of the fuel pedal. We usually recommend to set up the suggested opening point of the valves between 3,000 ~ 4,000 rpm.

    1. OBD gesture controller (extra price) :

    It can be controlled in 3 modes. Valve open, close and auto modes, are manually controllable by sensing device.

    *Note: Some iPE exhaust systems (such as the Porsche 991 GT3, Lamborghini LP610 Huracan, and Maserati Ghibli exhaust) use the original stock actuators (the sport button) for controlling the exhaust valves.

  • What are headers and what makes iPE headers stand out?

    Headers (or exhaust manifolds) are the first piping of the exhaust system that directly connects to the cylinders of the engine and collects the exhaust gases into one pipe. The purpose of headers is to increase performance by enhancing the exhaust flow for maximum power gains.

    iPE headers are specifically designed for maximum performance. Thanks to the precise calculations of pipe length, pipe diameter, and pipe bending, iPE headers generate optimal flow of exhaust gases which results in maximum power gains.

  • What kind of cat pipes does iPE use?

    For all exhaust systems with cat pipes, iPE uses 200 cell high-flow sport catalysts. This allows for the best balance between increased exhaust flow for performance gains and efficient conversion of exhaust emissions for a clean environment, while still increasing the exhaust volume to create the breathtaking trademark sound of iPE.

  • What is cat bypass?

    A cat bypass (also called de-catted or catless) is essentially a straight pipe that replaces the catalytic converter of the stock exhaust. An iPE exhaust system with cat bypass offers maximum overall exhaust flow for increased performance and maximum iPE sound volume.

  • What is full system and why should I choose it?

    The full system contains each part of the exhaust, which connects directly to the cylinder heads of the engine until the exhaust tips. (For some turbo engines, iPE’s full system starts from the downpipe.) The full system generates optimal power gains and maximum sound, as the material and structure of the exhaust are in perfect harmony. In other words, the full system delivers 100% iPE F1 Sound.

  • What is a catback system and why should I choose it?

    Many iPE exhaust systems are also offered as catback systems. This contains all parts of the exhaust that come after the catalytic converter of the stock exhaust. iPE catback systems fit perfectly to the stock catalytic converter. The increased pipe diameter in combination with the Valvetronic muffler enhances exhaust flow and overall performance, while giving your car the special character of iPE exhaust sound.

  • What is a valvetronic muffler set and why choose it?

    Many iPE exhaust systems are also offered as Valvetronic muffler sets. This generally includes a Valvetronic muffler with a connecting pipe that fits to the remaining parts of the stock exhaust. This modification improves exhaust flow and enhances overall performance, while giving your car the special character of iPE exhaust sound.

  • What about performance gains and weight reduction of iPE exhaust systems?

    All iPE exhaust systems are designed according to one simple principle: Increasing torque at lower rpm. Maximizing horsepower at higher rpm. While the material (T304 stainless steel) offers the perfect balance between stability, durability and weight reduction.

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