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IPE X GER COLLECTOR Christmas Giveaway

IPE X GER COLLECTOR Christmas Giveaway|Innotech Performance Exhaust

IPE X GER COLLECTOR Christmas Giveaway


1. In order to win a speaker or discount coupon, the participant must follow @ipe_exhaust_official & @gercollector and tag 3 of their friends under Gercollector’s Christmas Giveaway post. The participant must also share the Christmas Giveaway post on their IG story and tag @ipe_exhaust_official and @gercollector.

2. If the participant would like a chance to win the discount coupon, they must also leave the comment: “I want the iPE _________(brand/model) EXHAUST.” The 10 discount coupons can only be used for designated iPE exhaust systems, as shown in the table above.

3. If participant would like an iPE exhaust system not listed on the table above, he/she may direct message iPE's official Instagram account to inquire about their other special Christmas discounts.
*Lead time will depend on availability.
*Production of unavailable items will be determined by iPE.
*Discounts are only valid at authorized iPE dealers.

4. Awards:

iPE VIP Bluetooth speaker: 10 winners

iPE X GER discount coupon (40% off Stainless Steel MSRP/30% off Titanium MSRP): 10 winners


Duration of event: 2020/12/22-021/01/10

Announcement of winner: 2021/1/14


Discount Coupon Announcement:

1.The announcement of the winners will be announced through an IG post on Gercollector’s IG account on 2021/1/14. Gercollector will tag the winners as well.
2.The winners will have to direct message @ipe_exhaust_official and provide their email address. We will send the digital discount coupon by email (with serial number).
3.The discount coupons can only be used at authorized iPE dealers. The winner must use the discount coupon within one month.
4.iPE reserves the right to modify the event if deemed necessary. Discount coupons cannot be exchanged for cash.
5.iPE discount coupon can only be used by the winner.
6.The winner is responsible for all shipping costs and customs tax/duties.

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